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James Day Leavitt is a Portland, Maine based interdisciplinary artist (poetry, music, painting). He has published 5 books of poetry including Like a Warped Mirror (2011, Ninepoint). He previously released two solo albums, When It's Gone (2011) and Fragments Become Whole (2016)


His most recent album, Skylark (2023), was recorded and mixed at Monaco Studios in Falmouth, Maine. Produced by Dan Capaldi, who also played various instruments on the album, the record features other special guest musicians Megan Martelle, Tyler Quist, and Jay Turnure. The cover features artwork by Madeline von Foerster and was mastered by Jeremy Goody at Megasonic Sound in Oakland, California.


He is also the host of the Music of Words radio show on

WMPG 90.9 FM, Monday nights from 8:30-10:00pm.


Photo by Ida Leavitt

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